Women’s Personal Security Training

Research has shown that women are at risk in both private and public spaces, neighborhoods, communities and large cities. There is a myriad of challenges that women are faced with not only in everyday work but also when going to the field, especially when undertaking various assignments at different work environments and offices. Therefore, issues of women’s security and safety are central if an organization is to fully achieve its mandate.

The Women’s Personal Protection Program course curriculum is a comprehensive program incorporating both mental preparation and physical training. The physical techniques and strategies are designed for a woman facing a male attacker of superior strength. Anyone can have success in this course regardless of age, physical stature, ability, or physical impairment. The physical techniques in the Security for Women program are suitable for women with no previous martial arts or self-defense experience (and all fitness levels) and are designed to get the novice or beginner to a high state of proficiency in the shortest possible time. We teach techniques according to principles and concepts, rather than just straight repetition. This speeds up and enhances the learning process.

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