Crisis management exercises and drills

Crisis management exercises are proactive events which are held to strengthen the crisis management capability of participants from various levels of an organization. Our objective in crisis simulations or scenario training is to ensure an organization’s plans will achieve the right results in practice.  Our live scenario training enables a client to pilot a new idea, test a new plan, or rehearse an existing plan in realistically simulated circumstances.  Predictions of increased frequency and severity of weather events, threats of cyber-attacks, as well as threats of physical attacks will mean employees will need to be prepared to face a variety of scenario’s possible in the modern business environment.

Scenario training is a vital rehearsal tool for an organization to ensure plans are up-to-date, effective and completely understood by the staff responsible for implementing them.  Our training exercises assess the efficacy of plans and staff performance in a scenario.  Our robust methodology ensures participating staff and organizations get maximum value from their training, both during the active rehearsal and in the post-scenario follow-up. 

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