We Are

A team of zealous “Enterprise Security & Business Resilience” professionals with affinity of principles, diversity of backgrounds and customer centric ethos sharing an experience of excellence par innovation. At Sorgex Security Studies & Consultancies, we engage with security leadership and cross sections of client organisations to determine & rationalize the security risk management requirements. Our founding principles are pivoted to a continuum of standards, operational methodologies and self-auditing practices to ensure that our customers gain worth of their investments on our services.


To empower people, plans and projects of strategic security, safety, sustainability and Organizational Excellence.


We strive to be the organization of choice for Customers and Practitioners seeking Excellence in Business Security &Resilience.

We Believe

Every success has a story behind and that is not a mere chronology of events but outright belief in insurmountable values and commitment which become DNA of the organization. The industry we operate and sanctity of profession demand from us nothing less but a resolute believe and demonstration of values that we have carefully chosen:

  • Customer Focus Our people create value for our customers, we celebrate it.
  • Excellence It’s never all done, go beyond the expected to maintain success.
  • Ownership Essence of winning is sharing the success & failures alike.
  • Passion Dream it, dare it and challenge ourselves.
  • Responsibility Environment, community and people; we remain committed to improve

Team Members

Muhammad Usman

Syed Tahir Mehmood

Azfar Sultan

Head of Business Excellence

Lead Consultant

Lead Consultant HSE