Train the Trainer for Security Professionals

This is aimed at addressing the training capabilities of individuals who have extensive knowledge and experience in security in either the formal or informal sectors. The course is open to all individuals who have experience in security and are willing to be certified as professional trainers. Train the Trainer is to develop an understanding of the methodologies and processes available to approach Training Delivery and Evaluation. We will do this by equipping the learner with the knowledge, skill and competence in Training Delivery and Evaluation through planning, design, delivery, assessment, and evaluation.

Specifically, the program covers the concepts and theories of delivery and evaluation and understand how this is applied to ensure effectiveness of a training session. We will explore the legislation associated with ensuring equality and fairness for all trainees regardless of their ethnic background or disability. We will also take a look at evaluation models, approaches, techniques and tools as well as a range of training aids and will explore how to approach the provision of constructive feedback to participants as well as specialized training delivery and evaluation skills. Finally, we will review the training evaluation process.

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