Hostile Environment Awareness Training (HEAT)

Hostile Environment Awareness training (HEAT) is a form of high-fidelity stress exposure training that combines theory with high-stress and highly realistic simulation training. HEAT is a 5-day immersive security training designed to enhance participants’ security and safety awareness and enable them to prevent and deal more effectively with risks, challenging situations and security incidents while travelling or working in hostile environments. Hostile Environment Awareness Training (HEAT) is an intensive practical course with hands-on activities that allow participants to explore their behavior and learn, apply and experience lifesaving behaviors through realistic simulations in a high-risk environment. Humanitarian workers and professionals are increasingly exposed to challenging, insecure, remote or hostile environments due to lawlessness, political instability and armed conflict. It is essential they are adequately prepared for any dangers they may encounter. (HEAT) prepares individuals to work in crisis zones or a range of hostile situations. This rigorous classroom and simulation training will enhance your knowledge of personal security so you are prepared to face difficult security situations.

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